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“Victor in Vinculis” – “Victor in Chains” was the motto of Blessed Karl Leisner who was a prisoner in Dachau and ordained priest there. He said that even though he was imprisoned by the world, he was still free. I ask for his intercession for the Church today, so that even though our churches are closed, we are still free to worship God, despite the difficult situation we are in.


Most churches throughout the world are closed or have restricted access at this time, however, we need to know that God is in control of our destiny. Even though we may not be able to attend church, we still need to pray and to find strength in Jesus, the Living Word of God. During Lent, the daily readings for the Mass will be published here, as well as a short reflection. Just click on the button below if you wish to listen through the website. If you wish to download the file, please click on the black button "Download" and it will take you to the download site. Thank you!

8 April 2020

2020-04-08 - lowMartin Pender
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If you would like to read more about Blessed Karl Maria Leisner, you can download a short description of his life by pressing the button below.

A prayer

during this difficult time


Even though we cannot attend church at this time, we can still make a "Spiritual Communion". Please read the prayer below.

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