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We greet you, O Holy Cross,
carried lovingly on the shoulders of the Redeemer!
We greet you, O Noble Tree,
sanctified by the blood of the Lamb!
We greet you, O Sacred Altar on which our eternal High Priest
offered himself as a redeeming sacrifice.
With the whole Church we worship you, o Hallowed Cross.
You are our most precious treasure,
our hope in times of trial
and our refuge at the moment of death.
You are the promise of eternal life
and the pledge of glorious resurrection.
Father, by the death of your beloved Son on the Cross of Calvary
you have reconciled us with yourself.
Listen to our humble prayer,
and may we, who now follow your Son
on his path of suffering,
find refuge in the shadow of his Cross
and one day be welcomed by him
into our eternal home.
We make this prayer through Christ, Our Lord.

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