We are in the period of the Church's Year called "Ordinary Time".  It may seem strange to use the word “Ordinary” when describing a period of the Church’s Year, but it comes from the ordinal numerals by which the Church numbers the weeks of the year, from 1 to 34 (excluding, of course, the periods of Advent, Christmas, Leant and Easter). In Latin, this period is called “Per Annum”, meaning “Through the Year”. The readings used during this time are meant to reflect the riches of Sacred Scripture. The Church wishes that all people be exposed to the inexhaustible wealth found in God’s Word.

This week, as we come to the end of the Church's year, we give thanks to God for everything, for all things are guided by his Providence. We pray that he will continue to bless us, guide us, and protect us.

Monday 23 November to Saturday 28 November


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